We can organize and facilitate the legal removal and disposal of hazardous substances such as oil tanks, contaminated soil, drywall and asbestos.

Believe it or not, many houses and surrounding yards still contain contaminated materials and it’s our job to ensure these items are handled correctly. In conjunction with accepted environmental engineers and removal companies, we have vast experience in dealing with these hazardous materials. Always permitted, we understand the need to ensure that all safety measures are taken when dealing with removal of these items and ensuring proper documentation and correct dumping procedures are followed. We take our role in protecting the environment seriously and ensuring hazardous materials are dealt with according to all laws, is something we take pride in.

J&R Excavation is a responsible disposal company specializing in hazmat Vancouver services such as oil tank removal, contaminated soil hauling, drywall disposal and asbestos contracting. We have the equipment, contacts and experience to remove your hazardous materials in a safe, permitted and environmentally conscious way. If you are looking for proper hazmat documentation and disposal call for a quote today.