We don’t just dig holes and fill them in.

We have a wide variety of machinery to accomplish just about any job that can be thrown at us. Our larger sized machines are capable of handling extensive excavations and have facilitated in the foundation excavations of homes well over 25,000 sq ft. Of course, some jobs call for smaller gear and a careful touch, which is why we are often called upon to dig for cribbing and basement foundations for houses that have been raised.  Whether you need to dig for a pool, have one removed, need foliage removed or yard grading, we have the right machine for the task.

When it comes time to backfill, J&R staff know how to get the job done in an efficient manner. Building gravel curtains, capping driveways and raising the grade of yards is just a small taste of what we can do for  you.

Reasons to Choose J&R Excavation for Excavation & Back-fill Services

  • Expert Machine Services with Experienced Operators
  • 2 Generations of experience in Residential Excavation and Back-fill Services in Metro Vancouver
  • Ready for Dispatch Inventory of Equipment to Service Your Project
  • Creative Stone Spreading Services to Cut Your Trench Backfilling Costs


Are you looking to find an edge in your competitive landscape? At J&R Excavation, we have been sourcing cost saving solutions for contracting companies in Vancouver since 1986. We use traditional machinery combined with our stone slingers to reduce your labour costs, timelines and deliver a value well beyond the status quo. Why don’t you call us about your next project and find out if we can help you come in under budget and on-time?


For homeowners, we bring commercial style solutions and cost savings to residential projects. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have all the answers, simply give us a call and describe your project. We can recommend some of the tricks that we use on professional developers projects and properties. For example, our stone slinger trucks can backfill for a fraction of the cost of traditional labor or machine services. Call J&R Excavation today to find out what the experience of years of being in the excavation and backfilling business can do for your project.


If you are a developer and need to ensure that you deliver cost effective solutions to your investors then we have some ideas for your next backfill or aggregate placement project. Often we can use our conveyor trucks to move up to fourteen tons of materials in a matter of minutes with no double handling or wasted materials. Call J&R Excavation today and find out how we can help you improve your processes to maximize your return on investment.

Strata Corps

At J&R Excavation, we work with several LMS and STRATA corporations. We can help you and your members save time, money and energy with a variety of backfill, excavation and machine related services. We place products like mulch or top soil up to 100 feet away with our stone slinger trucks and equipment. Call us today to find out how we can help you reduce your backfill and excavation costs through innovation and experience.