March 24th, 2017

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Types of Services Offered by Demolition Contractors in Vancouver

Whenever you think about demolition of building, what comes to mind are big bulldozers tearing buildings down to the ground. However, there are various ways through which demolition can be carried out and it is the duty of the demolition contractor Vancouver to choose on the most appropriate methods to bring down the subject building. Below are some of the types of demolitions you are likely to find being used by the majority of the demolition contractors in Vancouver-:

Demolition by hand

In demolition by hand, hand tools are used and it is not a quick method to bring down buildings. This method is ideal for very light residential demo projects where the structure are not permanent in nature, hence doesn’t require a lot of power or energy to bring down.

Demolition with the ball

For buildings that have suffered certain degrees of structural damage where all the other methods of demolitions have been ruled out as not possible due to the accompanying risks, balling has always provided a viable and effective means of bringing down such structures.

Though very effective, most of the demolition contractors Vancouver will always use to it as the last resort because it comes along with a substantial set of risks and it also rough on the machines, given that not all cranes have the ability to swing and control the demolition mass safely. It is ideal for both commercial demos and residential demo projects, where applicable.

Demolition by Pusher Arm

Demolition by pusher arms can be achieved when hydraulically operated excavators and loaders are fitted with appropriate attachments for demolition work. Pusher arms and percussion breakers are some of the attachments that can be used with such excavators to bring down buildings.

Demolitions by pusher arms are extremely mobile, they result into a high output and they have the ability to work on vertical floors and walls that are located above the standing level. Though demolitions by pusher arms can accomplish most of the commercial and residential demos, it won’t be the best choice for large buildings on confined areas because the machines need adequate access and a relatively large and flat base to fix and operate properly.

Deliberate by deliberate collapse

In some instances, a general contractor may decide to use demolition by deliberate collapse to demolish structures. For this to happen, the demolition contractor Vancouver must have expert engineering knowledge to identify the key structural elements that should be cut or removed to make the building come down tumbling. This is the method that most demolition contractors use when they want to bring down chimneys, bridges, silos, and structures on heavily controlled, isolated or secure sites.

Wire rope pulling

This is another type of deliberate collapse which demolition contractors Vancouver may resolve to use. With this method, wire and cable ropes are fixed to the vital structural members then pulled down by winches or tractors. It is ideal for commercial and residential demo projects where the buildings are detached and there is a lot of space around for the structure to come crushing down. It is most suited for bringing down masonry chimneys, timber-framed buildings, bridges, masts and spires.