March 24th, 2017

If you are looking for residential stone slinging services where we relocate aggregate like road base, crushed gravel or mulch to hard to reach areas of your property then we can help. If you are looking for commercial stone slinging where we move or remove quantities of rock, dirt, soil into those spots where machines can not easily work, then we have you covered. J&R Excavation is a stone slinging contractor with reach up to 150 feet to place your materials with precision and save you time and money on your industrial contracting project and we have a Better Business Bureau rating of A+.

Stone Slinging For Low Costs and Great Efficiency in Construction

The entry of stone slingers in the construction industry has come along with lots of conveniences which have been great blessings to the industry. The construction field is characterized by strict deadlines and the need for efficiency and accuracy in the projects can never be ignored. For tasks such as spreading mulch, sand, aggregates or materials placement in drains or foundation beds, it meant long and arduous work for the construction workers.

Stone slinging is a cost effective delivery system

The stone slinger trucks are used to accurately launch streams of soil or aggregates into precise locations from its hoper body to distances of up to 90 feet. Before stone slinging became the in thing, blower truck would be used to perform such tasks. However, the stone slinger is more preferred as a delivery tool because other than the accuracy, it costs about half as much as the blower trucks.

Superior delivery system

The delivery system of a typical stone slinging truck features 220 degrees working pivot radius and enhanced angulations of about 23 degrees above and below the horizontal. The conveyor of the stone slinger has the ability to place materials accurately up to a distance of 90 feet away, thus eliminating the need to have manual construction workers. This effectively leads to great saving of time and resources that would have been used to secure the manpower.

The stone slinging mechanism in the trucks is powered using a universal drive and the materials in the conveyor belt are directed using a live bottom system. The speed of the conveyor belt matches the power drive and this further eliminates the instances of bulking and unevenness in the delivery of the materials.

Durable and dependable

The stone slinging trucks have much durability and dependability and this is what is making them become a common piece of equipment in the construction sites in Canada today. If you needed the perfect spreading or material relocation in projects such as the construction of ball parks, recreational grounds or stadiums where a lot of precision is needed, then stone slinging would be a natural option for you.

Handling slingable products

Stone slinging is not only for sand, mulch or aggregates. The equipment is powerful enough to allow a great deal of versatility in the items which it can be used with. These include materials such as bark mulch, pea gravel, road base, top soil, round drain rock, and clear crush drain rocks amongst others.

Ideal uses for stone slinging

The versatility in slingable products also comes with versatility in the applications of the equipment. The ideal uses for stone slinging include accurate placement of materials for foundation backfills, landscaping, drainage systems, steep slopes, pipe bedding, limited access backfills, and structural fills amongst others.