March 24th, 2017

The Various Types of Excavation Services

If you are in need of an excavation service in Vancouver, then it pays to have a clear understanding of exactly what you need. This calls for the right knowledge about the the different types of industry classifications so that you are in a good position to choose the right company to serve your needs.

Since this is rather a technical field, most of the potential clients are never in the know when it comes to such classifications and to help you out, here are the various services you may need from excavation contractors in Vancouver-:

Classification according to the material excavated

When considering the type of material excavated, here are some of the types of excavation services available-:

Top soil excavation –this involves the removal of the exposed layer of the earth’s surface and this may include some vegetation as well. This type of excavation service is normally needed in virgin lands destined for fresh construction projects.

Earth Excavation – this entails removal of soil layers immediately the top soil has been removed. This is the kind of excavation needed for construction projects such as the building of foundations and embankments.

Muck Excavation – muck excavation targets the removal of materials which has undesirable soil or excessive amounts of water. Such projects are characterized by unstable grounds under the load and they are never convenient for the construction of embankments.

Classification according to the purpose of work

An excavation service in Vancouver can also be classified according to the purpose of the excavation work. In this regard, here are some of the classifications we have-:

Structure/drainage excavation – just as the name suggests, this type of excavation service in Lower Mainland is aimed at removing materials during the installation of structures such as drainage systems or bridges.

Stripping Excavation – this involves removing all materials on an original surface and also on top of any material that may be considered as an embankment.

Roadway Excavation – in roadway excavation, a part of the highways cut commences where stripping was completed and it ends at the sub grade or at the bottom of the base course.

Bridge Excavation – this excavation service involves the removal of the materials during the digging for abatements or footings. In most cases, this type of excavation is divided into dry, wet and rock excavation. The difference between wet and dry excavation is normally identified by the specification from the ground elevation where the materials above are considered as wet while those below are considered as dry.

Channel Excavation – this normally involves the relocation of a stream or a creek in instances when they flow through a right-of-way. The contracting agency will have to pay for any outlet or inlet ditch required to reroute the water using a pipe as channel excavation.

Footing Excavation – this refers to the digging of a column or a wall foundation for a building. It is usually done as a neat line to enable the casting of concrete without any forms. Despite the fact that the elimination of form saves money, this kind of excavation usually require special kinds of equipment to execute.

These are the main types of excavation services you may encounter in Greater Vancouver and it is important you understand them so that you make the right choice.