March 24th, 2017

Top 4 Safety Tips for Successful Demolition Projects

Demolition projects are usually fascinating, but they are serious affairs which come with a substantial amount of risks. For such projects to be successful, proper preparation by both the client and the demolition company in Vancouver is imperative. A small oversight on a safety concern is adequate to cause regrettable losses or injuries that either the client or the company would not desire to stomach.

But the good news is that most of the companies usually put safety first and will never embark on a task unless they are absolutely certain that all matters of safety have been taken care of. But that notwithstanding, here are some safety tips for successful demolition projects in Vancouver-:

Clear the neighboring regions

Some demolition projects are dynamic in nature and there is always the likelihood of debris flying away from the actual site of demolition. To reduce the chances of destroying other people’s property or hurting those passing by, the neighboring areas to the actual site should be cleared when the demolition is taking place.

In Vancouver, you may have to obtain necessary licenses to let you block a road section for a few hours, or you may be compelled to seal off the area so that no debris may escape when the demolition company begins their work.

Do a final sweep before the demolition company arrives

Of course the demolition company will do their own sweep before they come in with their machinery, but as the client, you also need to do a sweep on the property and ensure that everything is in order. You should go from room to room and remove any items you still have use for.

This is also the time to ensure that all the utility lines have been blocked to the entire building and just make sure that everything is ready when the company arrives. In case you don’t know what to look for or you have any doubts about the right preparation you need, feel free to consult with the demolition company and they will advise you appropriately. Most of the companies in Vancouver are usually very friendly and will be willing to assist with such tasks.

Cleaning up debris

Cleaning up the debris should not only be part and parcel of the demolition project, but it should be included among the safety concerns by both the client and the company. Some demolition companies in the Greater Vancouver region will agree to undertake the cleaning, while others may only include it if you will pay extra for it.

Either way, as a client, it will be imperative for you to think about clearing the debris after the demolition is done. It is always highly recommended that you use the same demolition company for the cleaning, but if you feel that you can get better options elsewhere, you should make proper arrangements to have the site cleared once the demolition guys are out.