March 24th, 2017

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Five Things Excavation Contractors Do

The work of excavation contractors involves a lot more than just digging pits and hauling dirt around. Their services are very vital it the construction industry and they are always among the first professionals on site to prepare the way for the rest of the construction. Without their services, certain construction projects would never commence. To illustrate how important they are to the industry, it is vital to understand the specific roles they have and these include the following-:

Preparing construction sites

In a typical commercial or residential construction project, the excavation contractors are the first professionals to show up after the survey team has established the house and the lot boundaries. Their duties amongst other things will be to remove the soil to the required foundation depths and compact the soil to the required firmness.

The dig requirements for such projects are always precise and it is the duty of the excavation contractors to ensure that the site is compacted and leveled to match the grade recommended by the survey team. The foundation contractor will then poor the stem wall and the footer before the excavation contractor backfills around the new foundation to complete the site preparation.

Shoving dirt around

Your idea of the excavation contractor is probably someone who digs holes, trenches, troughs and generally shoves dirt around. And you are probably right because if anyone is ever needed to move some dirt, then the excavation contractors are the ideal guys. The contractors can do a lot of dirt moving, including building and grading roads, digging sewer lines and ponds, excavating ditches for gas and water lines, and digging trenches for pipe installations. As part of their dirt moving jobs, excavation contractors can also create terraced drainage for constructing earthen dams and other structures for use in agricultural lands.

Contracting Services

Most of the excavation contractors are essentially business owners, also known as subcontractors since their work is often part of a bigger project. It is possible for a homeowner to contract an excavation contractor for personal jobs such as digging up a swimming pool, but the contractor won’t be there till the pools is completed and functional. In most cases, the excavation contractors will work under general contractors who solicit tenders, create subcontractor timelines and pay the contractors once they complete their jobs.

Heavy equipment operators

Most of the excavation contractors are skilled heavy equipment operators. This is due to the fact that excavation equipment is expensive to acquire and insure. Because of this, most of the contractors will own or lease backhoes, bulldozers, trenchers, compactors, skid steers and front end loaders. Since colleges and institutions offering heavy equipment operations are very few, the contractors normally hire skilled or new operators then train them on the job.