Stone Spreader

Stone Spreader

Call or email J&R Excavation & Demolition LTD today if you need an affordable stone spreader in Vancouver or BC. We'll help you get your job done quickly with our cordless remote control-operated stone spreader. You can cut your project time into a fraction of what it would be if you did it by hand by utilizing the resources of J&R Excavation & Demolition. Save precious time and money, and let your crew work on other essential project tasks while our stone spreader disburses your needed materials. Be it mulch, topsoil, sand, gravel, rock, or decorative rock our stone spreader is an invaluable piece of equipment for any job requiring precision material-laying.

Make Your Job Easier with a Stone Spreader from J&R Excavation & Demolition LTD

While our stone spreader can be utilized to save time and money on even the most basic material-laying jobs, it is especially useful for projects with hard-to-reach, sloped, and hidden areas. Of course, the potential usage of a stone spreader is seemingly limitless. A stone spreader can be used to fill ditches, holes, foundations, playgrounds, golf courses, and more.

Whether you're a contractor or a homeowner, our stone spreaders are affordable, practical, and beneficial. Further, when you contract J&R Excavation & Demolition LTD, you get the added advantage of dealing with one company your stone spreader services and material needs. We're here to assist with commercial, industrial, and residential stone slinging projects.

Why We are the Best Choice for Stone Slinging and Excavation Services

At the core of our vision, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our commitment to spreading excellence (pardon the pun) has driven us to cultivate a loyal customer base and earn a stellar reputation in the region. Every day, we lace up our boots and work hard to maintain the quality reputation we've earned.

Call us or send us an email today to get a free quote for your stone slinging project. We'll take the time to understand your project's unique requirements and offer you a very competitive rate that you'll be pleased with. We are fully licensed and insured and operate within all legal and safety parameters of Canadian law and standards. When you hire J&R Excavation & Demolition LTD, you get nothing but the best every time.

About Us

J&R Excavation & Demolition is a second-generation family-owned business. We've got decades of experience in excavation and backfilling, and we can use a variety of tricks and tactics that will save you time and money. We can use our stone spreader to backfill at a price most companies can't afford to offer. Proudly, we built our business on residential work, but no job is too large (or too small for us). We work with any budget.

Our stone spreader can move up to fourteen tons of material in just a few minutes and eliminate waste. Everything we do is designed to help you be more cost-effective and efficient. Contact J&R Excavation & Demolition today to discuss your stone spreader needs, or to talk about the many other services we offer.

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