Demolition Contractors Vancouver BC

Demolition Contractors Vancouver BC

When you or your business are searching for demolition contractors in Vancouver BC, and you want an experienced, professional and hard working company to assist you, J&R Excavation would consider it a great privilege if you would consider contacting us. There are several decisions that must be made when you are in need of demolition services. We feel that we are a full service company that can provide many distinct services to fit your needs. We specialize in residential and small commercial building demolitions. We have an extensive line of machinery and a fully trained staff of professional and experienced machine operators there to assist you, as needed.

Types of Demolition Services

J&R Excavation realizes that no two demolition projects are exactly the same. That’s why each job that we perform is met with the unique care and consideration that it deserves. We have the solutions and resources that are required for many different types of structures. We can take down old houses, apartments, hospitals and malls, just to name a few. When working on smaller demolitions, we employ large hydraulic equipment, such as elevated work platforms, cranes and bulldozers. For larger projects, the use of a wrecking ball may be needed. This is especially beneficial for taking down masonry structures.

Demolition Machinery

As with any professional demolition contractors in Vancouver BC, J&R Excavation has a complete inventory of each type of machinery that matches each demolition project. Hydraulic excavators can be used for taking down small single story or two story structures. Bridges, and in some cases, larger buildings can be destroyed with implosion which requires the use of explosives. We are also aware of our environment and the impact that these demolitions put upon our Earth. It is our responsibility to ensure that all hazardous materials are removed and safely disposed of, according to laws.

About Us and Our Contact Information

J&R Excavation has been in business, servicing the Metro Vancouver area for over 45 years. We are considered one of the top experts within the demolition industry. We are deeply rooted within our community and we are proud to sponsor many of our local charities and Churches. Please feel free to contact us for whatever demolition or excavation projects that you are involved with. You can call us at 604.247.0337 to schedule an estimate with one of our friendly staff members, or you can complete a short form on our web site and we will call you right back.

When you are looking around the internet for demolition contractors in Vancouver BC, we would consider it a great privilege if you were to contact J&R Excavations to allow us to assist you or advise you on any demolition project that you are involved in. The destruction of any type of structure should be considered a major undertaking that requires the utmost care and consideration. Of course, that entails the assistance of a professional and qualified demolition contractor. If there is any way that we may assist you or advise you, please allow us to do so.

Demolition Contractors Vancouver BC

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Demolition Contractors Vancouver BC Demolition Contractors Vancouver BC Demolition Contractors Vancouver BC Demolition Contractors Vancouver BC