Stone-Slinger Vancouver BC

Stone-Slinger Vancouver BC

Stone Slinger Vancouver BC

The stone slinger is a construction truck used to place sand, mulch, soil, dirt, aggregates and other similar construction materials in precise positions during construction works. It is a relatively new, innovative and technologically advanced equipment that is helping construction workers increase the accuracy of their placement by up to 100%. When using the stone slinger Vancouver equipment, the only thing that can prevent accurate placement is human error.

The stone slinger Vancouver, BC has increased angulations of about 23 degrees above and below the horizontal supported with a working pivot radius of 220 degrees. The conveyor of the slinger has the ability to place materials a distance of up to 90 feet from the end of the truck, thus doing away with the need for the materials to be handled by human workers over such distances. The stone slinger is currently considered as the most advanced construction equipment developed in the recent times.

Stone slinger derives its power from a universal drive. A live bottom system is used to direct materials into the belt, where they are then placed accurately on the desired sites. The power drive powering the slinger is synchronized with the speed of the conveyor belt and this eliminates uneven delivery of the of the slingable construction materials.

Since the stone slinger Vancouver is durable, dependable and has rugged dependability, it is now the equipment of choice in constructions sites where uniform surfaces are needed. These include places such as stadiums, recreational areas, and ball parks amongst others.

Benefits of stone slinger

Evidently, the stone slinger Vancouver comes with awesome sets of benefits for the construction industry and these include but are not limited to the following-:

Ability to launch materials up to 90 – as noted earlier, the stone slinger can comfortably launch materials up to 90 feet from the end of the truck. This effectively eliminates the need to have human workers handling materials at such distances.

Spreading accuracy – the spreading accuracy is another awesome convenience that the slinger has brought to the industry. So accurate is the equipment that errors can only be occasioned by the human operator handling it.  

Efficient use of materials – since the stone slinger Vancouver guarantees accuracy in placement and spreading, it is very efficient when it comes to material utilization. It has eliminated the kinds of wastage used to be witnessed when the tasks were performed by human workers.

Rapid Implementation – Using the stone slinger Vancouver, BC for spreading mulch, sand or gravel is very fast compared to manual application of the same. It thus saves time, leading to faster completion of projects.

Safe crushing for drains – safe crushing for drains used to be a real challenge when manual work was involved. The inaccuracies lead to non-uniform surfaces and these made it difficult to accomplish constructing other parts of the drainage system properly. But with the stone slinger Vancouver, such challenges are now history.

Ideal uses for stone slinger

The stone slinger can be used in various construction projects such as pipe bedding, foundation backfills, under slab fills, drainage systems, structural fills, landscaping, steep slopes, and limited access fills. In all these applications, it can be used for spreading mulch, soil, sand, gravel, aggregates, top soil and drain rocks.

Stone-Slinger Vancouver BC

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Stone-Slinger Vancouver BC Stone-Slinger Vancouver BC Stone-Slinger Vancouver BC Stone-Slinger Vancouver BC